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Your Past Life Spread
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Past Life Emotional Influence


This card represents harmony, self control and synchronization with the world and others.

Past Life Mental Influence

Three of Wands Reversed

Be wary of offers of assistance. Underhandedness and failure are possible.

Past Life Spiritual Influence

The Chariot

Victory and success in the world.

Past Life Physical Influence

The Moon

This card represents serendipity, creativity and the coming to life of psychic powers. It may also signify dangers yet seen, deception and bad luck for someone dear to you.

Karmic Debt You Must Pay

Justice Reversed

The upsidedown Justice represents injustice, inequality and a lack of mercy or understanding.

Karmic Lesson You Must Learn

Judgement Reversed

The card represents the failure to find happiness, disenchantment, and the loss of possessions.

Past Life Impact On Your Life Now

The Eight of Wands

Things done hastily will prove to be poorly done. Think and plan before setting crucial actions into motion.

Past Life Impact On Your Future

The Empress

This card represents wealth, marriage, fertility and creativity.

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